Visual Studio Installer: multiple updates

Visual Studio Installer was recently modified, adding the ability to start upgrading multiple editions of Visual Studio.

For example, I have four editions installed: VS Enterprise 2017, VS Community 2019, VS Community 2022, and VS Enterprise 2022 Preview.

Today there are two upgrades available (Community 2019 and Community 2022): in the past I would have to upgrade one edition, wait for the installation to finish and then start the other upgrade.

Now, however, you can click on the “Update All” button that appears when there are at least two updates available and everything will be done without the need to man the machine.


Tip & Tricks – #1 – Create a GUID code

Select the menu item Tools > Create GUID: this will open a window like the one you can see in Figure 1.1.

Figura 1.1 – Create GUID window.


You can choose one of six available formats and then copy the GUID code by clicking on the Copy button, or you can generate a new GUID code by clicking on the New GUID button.

This is a useful feature when you need to create a GUID code “on the fly.”

NOTE – It is not advisable to use a GUID for cryptographic purposes because it consists of only 122 bits with a partially predictable bit pattern. Some cryptographic components have criteria that require a minimum 128-bit entropy level.

If you need to create a set of GUID codes, then the following code will be useful:

C# - Esempio CS_01_01
// Crea e visualizza il valore di due GUID
Guid g = Guid.NewGuid();

/* Questo esempio di codice produce un risultato simile a questo:

VB - Esempio VB_01_01
Dim g As Guid = Guid.NewGuid()

[SOLVED] Problem with Visual Studio Installer – SOLUTION

Problem with VISUAL STUDIO INSTALLER looping while checking for updates does not finish.
There is a problem confirmed by Microsoft on repositories outside the US.


Open Notepad as administrator and look for the file “hosts” without extension in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
Open the file and add this line:

to the end of the file

Then save the file, close the Visual Studio Installer and restart.
It should be fixed.

UPDATE: Microsoft has solved this problem.

My new book is out! – "PROGRAMMING IN C# 10 – Base Techniques"

Final version of the book “PROGRAMMING IN C# 10 – Base Techniques”, in PDF version:

Within two weeks also the paper and EPUB versions will be available on Amazon Store and other online stores.

Book almost in final version!

I’ve published the (almost) final version of the book “PROGRAMMING IN C#10 – Basic Tecniques” … the only thing missing is the update of the analytical index at the end of the book.
Soon the final PDF publication and then in a couple of weeks also the paper version!

Update of my new book

I have published the first 11 chapters of the book “PROGRAMMING IN C# 10 – Basic Techniques”. Upon completion, the book will consist of 20 chapters. Publication of the final paper version should be between late April and first half of May 2022.

Book "OFFICE 365 – HOW TO USE WORD" in English language (PDF)

I finished the English translation of my book on MS Word (specifically the one included with Office 365). Here is the PDF version, at a reduced price for a few days/weeks:

In a few days there will also be the paper version on all major online stores (Amazon, IBS etc.).

The book is (should become…) the first book of my new “series” of computer science manuals in English, so it’s a test to see if it can work.


Book on "OFFICE 365 – HOW TO USE WORD" ("Early Bird" edition)

I am pleased to report that I have published the first two chapters of my book on MS Word, for the versions included in Office 2019 and Office 365. You can find them at this page:


The book (PDF version) will consist of 10 chapters (about 150 pages) and will be useful for those who want to learn how to use Word to write theses, reports, letters, address labels, flyers, and anything else that can be produced with a word processing application like Word.

The book is sold in an “early bird” edition, which means you can purchase it even if it’s not yet finished. I will post the chapters one by one as soon as I finish them. Eventually you will be able to get the complete book, in PDF format, for much less money than you would have paid by purchasing it only at the final publication. Isn’t that a good thing?

I take this opportunity to tell you that upon completion, the book will also be published in paperback and will also be available on Amazon or directly from the website.

Hoping that my initiative will interest you, that you will like it and that you will buy the book, I invite you to subscribe to my mailing list ( to be always updated about my publishing initiatives (I am interested in MS Office, MS Access, SQL Server, Visual Studio, .NET, Visual Basic, C#, F#, algorithms …).

Thanks for your attention and good reading!

Winking smile

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